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Owned and operated by Mary F. Baca, CWK, CRMT, CCTP, LPCC, a licensed psychotherapist and holistic practitioner for over 30 years, has acted on her passion for helping people get to a point where they are truly thriving in life. In the business of helping people, Mary has seen her vision reaching far as assisting people in any way possible nationwide. Remotely Unique serves as a forum for her to be able to do just that. Mary also collaborates with numerous First Responders, Holistic Practitioners, and traditional Professionals in order to be able to guide people and provide direct services to people remotely thru technology; such as with webinars, onsite trainings, services provided remotely and distantly, and a Podcast show set to start February 22, 2021. Mary is excited about using Remotely Unique to transcend physical distance providing information and direct services. Remotely Unique creates a limitless reach! PLEASE join Mary!!

Stepping Into You Program

Stay Tuned to Witness the Growth & Development of Remotely Unique!!

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